21 Ingredients Assessment


A great perfume should reflect your personality.

Finding the perfect scent to express your unique personality can be an exciting journey!

With our 20-minute online or offline interview, our team can help you discover the signature fragrance that best reflects you based on the 21 ingredients:

1. Agarwood
2. Musk
3. Rose
4. Sandalwood
5. Orange Blossom
6. Patchouli
7. Tuberose
8. Vetiver
9. Lily
10. Grapefruit
11. Labdanum
12. Frankincense
13. Ylang-Ylang
14. Osmanthus
15. Neroli
16. Frangipani
17. Myrrh
18. Clary Sage
19. Saffron
20. Tonka Bean
21. Boronia

We want to help you be a smarter consumer, so don’t miss this chance to find the perfect perfume ingredient(s) for you – contact us today!

Our service is available to English-speaking clients based in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Let us help you embark on an exciting journey to discover your signature scent!

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